Sergey Sholom

Today the name of Sergey Sholom is all over the Internet.

Many people interested in mobile games, eSports tournaments, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, ecological projects and successful investors are looking for the biography of this man in order to know the story of his success.

The biography

Well, this story is really interesting and inspiring. It started on February, 10, 1978 in Moscow (USSR).

That’s when the twins – two boys – were born in the family of Anatoly and Marina Sholom. They were named Sergey and Maxim.

Sergey (and his brother as well) was growing up as an all-around developed person. He was fond of ice hockey and soccer, was prominent in mathematics at school, but most of all he adored playing video games (for example, Quake or Wolfenstein).

His mathematics was so good that eventually he left an ordinary secondary school for the advanced one (afforded intensive study of Math).

In 2000 Sergey graduated from the Russian State University of Technology with degrees in financial management and engineering.

Before working as a game developer, Sergey was a professional gamer: he was a founder and a member of professional team DataForce that easily won Quake tournaments and achieved top positions in Russian gamers ranking.

Moreover, he managed to organize one of the first eSports competitions in Moscow.


Sergey Sholom right now holds the position of CEO of MobileGO. In 2017 his project achieved the excellent results during the stage of crowdsale.

This technology is based on blockchain. It guarantees safety of user’s data and allows services to provide access using a zero-knowledge manner.

Millions of players are interested in esports and MobileGO wants to provide an ecosystem that will satisfy this interest. With already 500+ supported games and its own token MGO MobileGO builds the solid esports platform that will be able to join developers, gamers, publishers and esportsmen — the audience counting over 2.5 bln users.


GNation was founded by Sergey Sholom in the beginning of 2018. It’s an inherited alliance of former Sergey’s companies. Such unity was necessary for bringing innovations to the modern gaming industries. It was (and it really is) a great deal for all world gamers and game manufacturers!

The special ecosystem is created and it aims to develop gaming by connecting products and therefore sharing economy.

This platform is already valued by a lot of people who are engaged in mobile games. Besides it has a charitable, social and philanthropic meaning.

Other working experiences of Sergey Sholom:

1. Datacroft

In 2004 Datcroft Games, his first company was founded. It managed to achieve the worldwide success and for nowadays there are games of different genres in its portfolio.

The numbers are really impressive:

  • 15000000 users;
  • 200 successful partnerships;
  • 15 languages.

2. GameCredits

In 2017 Sergey Sholom started working as CEO in GameCredits. He didn’t quit Datcroft but effectively combined working on two positions at the same time.

He provided a frictionless payment that:

  • developed the experience of gamers;
  • helped gaming companies to work more economically.

As you see Sergey Sholom is a really interesting person with his story of success that turns to be the story of success of many other people and companies.

Maria Sklodowska-Curie once said: “…each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity…” These words perfectly define such people as Sergey.

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